Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Early Adopter Rule of Thumb

If this is you after downloading the iOS7

then you ought to make use of this rule of thumb:

As technology nerds many of us want the newest shiniest product, be it an app, software or hardware. It's excellent to be an early adopter because it's cool and you can brag about being one of the first. It's not so great being an early adopter and finding where all the glitches are - at the expense of much frustration, wasted time and worse, lost data.

So as a rule of thumb, new platforms are cool and 'safe' to jump on as early adopters. Being the first to poke around Vine, or the next fun app around the corner won't impact your ability to function successfully or get in your way of moving on with business as usual. Worst case scenerio when trying out a new apps is that you create a profile, invest an afternoon, and it becomes an empty room, like Google+.

New hardware and software will require, two things, proper installation - such as backing up your current hardware, preparing for a worst case scenario - and time invested in research to find out what are the benefits, and glitches with the newest shiniest product. It is best not to jump on as an early adopter for software and hardware. Wait until all the glitches are worked out and not on your dime.

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